Atonement Lutheran School


Atonement Lutheran School is committed to providing a high caliber Christ-center educational opportunity for all our students.  We offer quality academic training in all areas of instruction.  We serve a diversity of educational needs. while instilling responsible citizenship traits and values.  We celebrate the uniqueness and value of each child as a gift of God.  We strongly believe we are involved in a team effort with parents and will do our best to have open lines of communication and will provide and ask for support as we build a caring atmosphere for families.

Atonement Lutheran School


Overall, our CURRICULUM and course of studies comply with the standards of the State of Louisiana and Atonement's Board of Christian Education.

3 year old Preschool Curriculum:   High Reach Learning

4 year old Preschool Curriculum:  Saxon Early Learning

We offer:                     Algebra I

                                    English I

                                    Science I


                                   Computer Science

                                   General Music

                                   Physical Education

                                   Foreign Language

                                   Learning Center

Our students score extremely well on the Stanford Achievement Test.  The composite scores for grades 1-8 averaged 1.0 to 3.0 grade levels ABOVE their grade level.

Our graduates are well prepared academically and are readily accepted to area high schools.  In fact, ALCS graduates are sought after by many schools.