National Youth Gathering 2019

The National Youth Gathering is an AMAZING, life changing event geared towards High School students. This event happens once every three years. 

Eligible youth are students who are graduated 8th graders-graduated 12th graders for the 2018.2019 school year. 

The next NYG will be July 11th-July 16th in Minneapolis, MN. 

Click HERE to watch of video that gives you a small glimpse as to what this AWESOME week is all about.

Upcoming NYG Dates:

 -This is a PRIORITY!!! Mark your calendars! 

 -April 28th- (special event)

 -April 28th- you will get an updated sheet of what you have earned this week

 -May 26th- (need a host family)

 -June 2nd- Youth Led Worship @10:30am worship

 -June 2nd- remaining balance of trip due

 -June 23rd- Morse Family Home

  -July 6th/July 7th- Commissioning @ ALL THREE SERVICES!!!

  -Final meeting/lunch after