Atonement Lutheran School

From the littlest threes on their first day of school, to the seasoned eighth grader working toward graduation, Atonement Lutheran School (ALS) is a place where the teachers, faculty and staff are committed to working for the good of every student.  ALS provides opportunities for families to grow together in all facets of life.  

Atonement is a welcoming facility where families can grow together spiritually.  If you do not have a home church, we invite you to visit one of our many congregational activities hosted by our church.

Families use Sycamore to manage Grades, Tuition, Communication, etc.

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Christ-Centered Education

Atonement Lutheran School, begun in 1960, continues to celebrate a rich heritage in Christian education.  We feel a strong commitment to the training of youngsters for Christ and Country!  This commitment requires the support of the home and school.  Consequently, we strongly believe we are involved in a team effort!  God has charged parents with the responsibility of providing spiritual training for children.  We should not take God's Word and His instruction lightly.  Atonement Lutheran Church offers a Christian Day School to strengthen families and to support parents in the responsibility of providing Christian training for their children.

Academic Excellence

Our students score extremely well on the Stanford Achievement Test.  The composite scores for grades 1-8 average 1-2 grade levels ABOVE their grade.  Our graduates are well prepared academically and are readily accepted to area high schools.  In fact, ALS graduates are sought after by many schools.


God's original creation was beautifully varied.  He meant for us, and the world around us, to be diverse.  Atonement serves a diverse population.  Our school is made up of cultural, ethnic, racial and even religions differences, as well as language proficiencies, academic abilities and socio-economic differences.  We strive to provide an environment of respect, trust, safety and acceptance.  We encourage our students to show God's love in our actions and attitudes.


Atonement is truly focused on family.  We hope all our members have a true and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to assist families in "bringing up (their) children in the training and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4) Some of our most important values are:   honesty, loyalty, faith, moral and ethical principles, strong work-ethic.  We will treat each other with respect, dignity and compassion.  We will build each other up and encourage our family members to take responsibility.  We will work hard but be sure to find time to play and enjoy each other's company.