Atonement Lutheran's Ministry Plan

Mission (What our Ministry is doing):  “Impacting Lives through Christ”

Faith (Why):  Because Christ atoned for our sins through His death on the cross and resurrection

Values (Who we are)

A   cceptance of all unconditionally

T    ruth Biblically revealed

O   ne in Christ

N   urturing faith today

E    veryone makes a difference

M  eeting the needs of others

E    xpressive music and worship

N   ext generation disciples

T    eaching generosity

Vision (Where we want to go):  “Challenging people to be Living Examples of Christ everyday”

Strategy (How we accomplish our Mission and strive to reach our Vision)

Connecting others to Him and fellow Christians
Loving Him and others unconditionally
Believing in Him and Him alone
Learning about Him by studying His Word

Serving others unselfishly like Christ did